Feel Confident & Comfortable When You Know What to Expect After Your Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are a common treatment at our Collingwood dental clinic. However, while we often find that most people understand what will generally happen during the procedure, they can be a little unclear about what will happen afterwards. This includes what they need to do in order to best care for their teeth. But this post is here to change that. After reading this blog, you’ll know exactly what to expect after your upcoming root canal treatment, including any side effects to watch out for.

Are Root Canals Painful?: How to Manage Discomfort?

One of the first questions most root canal patients ask before their procedure is about. We’re pleased to tell you that your dentist will use local anaesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area during the root canal treatment, you won’t feel pain. Instead, you may only feel a little discomfort and sensitivity during the procedure. Plus, root canals do not take very long; only an hour or two depending on the complexity of your situation. Depending on your dental practice, you may even be able to watch a movie or listen to a favourite album during the treatment to help the time pass more quickly.

As the numbing agent wears off, your tooth may feel sore for a few days. However, you can easily manage this with over-the-counter pain relief. You may also notice some swelling or bruising around the tooth. This, too, will settle on its own over the coming days.

If, however, the pain after your root canal treatment persists or increases, be sure to get back in touch with your dentist to resolve the issue. There may be an infection that requires additional treatment. Of course, following any instructions given to you by your dentist to care for your teeth post-operation will help minimise the likelihood of this occurring.

The main other root canal treatment side effect can be numbness around your tooth, but this will quickly resolve itself as the anaesthesia wears off.

What to Expect After a Root Canal Procedure?

Once you’re up and out of the chair, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, depending on the practice you visit, you may need to pay the bill in full at this time. On average, a root canal treatment costs in Australia between $1000–$3500. The end price, though, will depend on your dentist, the complexity of the treatment and if your private health insurance covers dental procedures. Additionally, some practices may offer payment plans to help you manage this cost. Regardless, unless you discuss this with your dentist beforehand, it’s best to ensure that you will have the funds available to pay immediately after your visit.

With the bill paid, you might wonder how soon can you return to work after your root canal treatment? Well, while we know that you’re eager to get back to the regular routine, it’s important to assess how you feel and give your body time to heal. Some people are happy to head back into work the same day or the next day, but others may need a day or two to rest up. Regardless, it’s best to avoid strenuous activities in the days following your treatment, along with anything that may cause discomfort or injury to your mouth.

Take Care of Your Teeth With a Root Canal Treatment

Like many other dental treatments, root canal procedures have been designed to be effective and efficient, so that you can get back to your day with minimal disruption. If you’re dealing with ongoing tooth pain, they are the perfect solution to returning to a pain-free life. To learn more about root canal treatments — or to book an appointment with our friendly dentists — give us a call today!

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