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Traditionally, getting a filling in your tooth meant you walked out with silver metal in your mouth. Although functional, metal fillings cause the tooth to discolour over time and have been linked to cracked tooth syndrome, potentially leading to complex and expensive dental treatment.

At Stanley Street Dental, we only use the latest in filling technology materials, such as fissure sealants. Our white resin-based fillings are better able to hold the natural contour of your teeth whilst being invisible to the naked eye. Our dentists will not only use white filling material on any new fillings being performed but can also replace old fillings in your mouth as well.

Why white fillings?

During our lives, most of us have to have one sort of dental tooth filling or another. Traditionally, these fillings have often been silver or even gold, which can show when you smile and laugh. However, some people prefer a more natural look that does not catch the eye or draw attention to the fact that they have a filling. This is where white fillings come in.

How much do white fillings cost?

As with any dental treatment, the cost of a white filling can change from person to person. The best way to find out your individual price is to book a meeting with your dental professional. They will often guide you on the price after inspecting your teeth, based on the size of filling needed, the type of white filling used, and the time the procedure will take to complete. Costs can also vary depending on where you are in the country, or around the world, as well as from dentist to dentist.

How do white fillings compare to silver fillings?

At one time, white fillings were considered to be inferior as they did not last as long as silver fillings, however, times have changed. There are now materials on the market that provide similar life-spans to silver amalgam fillings, thus bridging the gap. However, you will have to seek advice on how long your personal white filling will last, as it can vary from person to person. It usually depends on your white filling location, your oral hygiene, your diet, how heavy your bite is, and more. 

What are white fillings made out of?

Usually, white fillings are created from glass particles, synthetic resin, and some kind of setting agent. However, feel free to ask your dental professional about the particular type of white filling being fitted into your mouth.

Fillings aren’t meant to be seen. If you think you need a filling, book in with Stanley Street Dental today!

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