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With the latest, in-office dental technology, Stanley St Dental can now offer you custom crowns and more in a single visit!


CEREC is the future of dental restoration, allowing our dentists to create custom quality crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers for you in one visit. Bring the sparkle back to your smile without needing to bite down on impression material, tackling temporary crowns, or waiting for days or weeks for your permanent restoration to be ready. Instead, CEREC is a fast and easy solution that is sure to have you smiling!

What To Expect

See What CEREC Can Do for You

In as little as an hour, our in-office CEREC system can create long-lasting ceramic crowns and more to give you the smile you want.

Ceramic Crowns

CEREC ceramic crowns are perfect for fixing damaged or decayed teeth, providing a long-lasting repair without the gum irritation or impaired taste people often experience with conventional metal crowns.

Ceramic Inlays & Onlays

Most people have a filling or two, but it’s common to feel self-conscious about them. However, with ceramic fillings and their natural tooth-like colour, not to mention higher quality all around, you can smile big.

Ceramic Veneers

Chipped and discoloured teeth are prime reasons for getting ceramic veneers, offering a natural-looking and convenient solution to have you showing off your pearly whites again.

4 Simple Steps for Your Dream Smile

Restore damaged or missing teeth in four steps, thanks to CEREC.

1. Using our specialised digital scanner, we’ll capture a detailed image of your tooth or teeth.

2. This image is then transformed into a 3D model on our computer, along with the required custom restoration.

3. Our milling machine uses this model to create your restoration from ceramic right in our office, which we then hand finish and polish.

4. Then we can fit your new crown, inlay, onlay or veneers in the same visit!

5 Reasons You’ll Love CEREC

1. No More Unpleasant Impressions

Our digital scanner can capture an image of your entire mouth in a matter of seconds. This is far quicker and more comfortable than the old technique of having you bite down on impression materials.

2. No Follow-Up Appointment Necessary

We know your life is busy and it can be hard to fit dental appointments around your day-to-day schedule. But with CEREC, you can get everything completed in one session and walk out smiling.

3. It’s a Long-Term Solution

Backed by research and real-world use cases, this trusted technology is designed to give you long-lasting results.

4. It’s Just Like the Real Thing

Unlike traditional tooth replacement options, including crowns, your new CEREC restoration will look and feel like your natural teeth. There’s no dark edges or translucency, and the hard-wearing ceramic is the closest match out there for your real teeth.

5. It Preserves More of Your Natural Tooth

Where some restoration procedures require the decayed or damaged tooth to be significantly altered or removed, this treatment allows us to preserve as much of your natural and healthy tooth as possible for a true natural look.

Ask Us Today About CEREC!

With CEREC technology now available at Stanley St Dental, we’d love to help you get the smile you want. Contact us today to find out more and book your once-off smile restoration appointment!

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