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Bridges are a great way to solve gaps in your smile. Using the teeth on either side of the gap, our dentists create a prosthetic porcelain tooth that anchors to those around it. The anchoring teeth in question are referred to as abutment teeth. The false teeth between the anchoring teeth are referred to as pontics. Pontics can be created from a range of material, including porcelain, gold, alloys, or a mixture of multiple. A bridge is made up of multiple tooth crowns on either side of the gap. Typically a bridge takes two weeks to fabricate and can be a quick solution to permanently fixing the gaps in your teeth. A dental bridge is also used in instances where dental implants are not possible.

The benefits to dental bridges are clear for all to see, as they quite literally restore your smile to its perfect best. However, there are also medical benefits to having a bridge fitted. Bridges maintain the natural shape of your face by filling the gaps left in your mouth. They also ensure that the remaining natural teeth you have do not drift into awkward positions. A bridge can also restore your natural chewing and speaking routine, as well as distributing the force of your bite across the bridge, rather than putting all the stress on your remaining teeth. For more information, contact the team at Collingwood Dentist today.

There are three main types of dental bridge:

Traditional – The traditional dental bridges are the most common. These involve the creation of a tooth crown or an implant to be fitted on either side of a missing tooth. A pontic will then be placed in between. These traditional bridges are often crafted from porcelain and are then fused to materials such as ceramic or metal.

Cantilever – This is a rather old-school method and isn’t too common in the modern day and age, but it does still exist. These types of bridges were often used when there were only adjacent teeth on one side of the missing ones. These are said to cause damage when fitted into the back of a mouth as the pressure put on other teeth can be too much.

Maryland bonded – These can be crafted from a variety of different materials. These include porcelain, plastic teeth/gums with framework, or metal-fused porcelain. Usually, the wings on one side of your bridge would be bonded directly to some of your existing teeth.

If you would like to close the gaps in your smile with bridges for front teeth, book a consultation with the denture clinic at Stanley Street Dental today.

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