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General Anaesthesia in Dentistry

A Safe & Comfortable Option for Your Dental Treatments.

While dental treatments can be stressful and uncomfortable for many people, sleep dentistry can be the solution. This can be a way to help you get the oral health care you need in a way that you feel safe and relaxed.

What Is Sleep or Sedation Dentistry?

There are many names for sleep dentistry, including sedation and twilight dentistry. However, they all follow the same general principle: using medications to help you relax and feel comfortable during procedures. These medications may be administered orally or can be given via an IV. If you are interested in full sedation dentistry — otherwise known as anaesthesia dentistry — your dentist will put you to sleep using a general anaesthetic delivered by an IV.

General anaesthesia in dentistry is different to getting a local anaesthesia procedure. With a local anaesthetic, you will simply lose sensation in a particular area. However, when a general anaesthetic is used as part of sleep sedation dentistry, you will go into a sleep-state. Your dentist will ensure you stay asleep throughout the entire procedure, while completing all necessary work.

It is important to note that general anaesthesia should only be administered by a licensed and experienced anaesthesiologist in a safe and controlled environment. This will ensure that you receive the highest quality of care and safety during the entire procedure.

5 Reasons Why Sleep Dentistry Is So Popular

Having your dentist put you to sleep for your next appointment has many benefits.

1. You Can Enjoy Pain-Free Treatment

One of the biggest benefits of seeing a sleep dentist is that it allows you to undergo dental treatments without experiencing any discomfort. This is because the medications used in general anaesthesia can effectively numb the area being treated and your awareness of it, making it possible for you to undergo procedures without experiencing pain.

2. You Can Reduce Your Anxiety & Fear About Visiting the Dentist

Many people experience anxiety or fear when it comes to dental procedures, and this can prevent them from seeking the treatment they need. If this is something you struggle with, dental general anaesthesia provides a way for you to receive dental care in a relaxed and comfortable state, reducing anxiety and fear. After some time, you may not even want your dentist to induce the sleep state anymore. Instead, you may feel comfortable with other dentistry sedation techniques where you remain somewhat aware of your surroundings but still calm.

3. You Can Receive Faster Treatments

When you’re relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures, you are more likely to stay still, making it easier for your dentist to complete the procedure. This can save time and reduce the number of appointments needed to complete a procedure. Similarly, as you will be asleep, from your perspective it will feel like no time has passed at all!

4. Improve Your Oral & Overall Health

Visiting a sleep dentistry clinic for general anaesthesia can help to improve your overall health by allowing you to receive any necessary dental treatments that you may have been avoiding due to anxiety or fear. This can help to prevent oral health problems from becoming more serious. At the same time, it can also improve your overall health by reducing the stress and anxiety you experience.

5. Have a Better Dental Experience Overall

Having your dentist perform sleep dentistry can give you a more positive experience across a range of dental procedures. This can help to build your trust and confidence in your dentist, making it easier to return for regular check-ups and treatments in the future. Similarly, as you will feel so confident in your dentist, you may even like to make a day of it with your family, opting for sleep dentistry and other strategies to help you all stay on top of your oral health.

Interested in Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne?

Using general anaesthesia in dentistry can be a safe and effective way for you to receive dental treatments while feeling relaxed and comfortable. It can help you manage or even start to overcome any anxiety or fear you may experience at the dentist. Our practising sleep dentist in Melbourne, serving Collingwood and the surrounding areas, is keen to help you. Book an appointment to learn about which sedation options are best for you and what to expect.

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