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Unfortunately, having dental work is not always an active choice. Just like the difference between scheduling an appointment with your doctor and having to be rushed to an accident and emergency (A&E), there are some dental emergencies that require instant attention.

What are dental emergencies?

These are dental-related problems that require instant attention from a professional and can include a vast array of problems. So, why should you see the emergency dentist?

Tooth fracture – The most common dental emergency that causes people to contact dentists out of hours is a tooth fracture or tooth displacement. This can happen in a variety of different ways, including tripping and falling or playing contact sport. If the tooth has been knocked out or displaced, you may need instant attention. This may also be the case if a tooth has cracked or snapped after impact. When playing contact sports, it is always best to wear a custom-fitted mouth guard. This will protect your mouth from any nasty impacts.

Oral infection – A serious oral infection can also be classed as a dental emergency. One example of a condition that requires instant attention is Ludwig’s Aangina. This involves swelling around the jawline or perhaps under the mouth and it can cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing. This comes from an infection that often occurs under the tongue. Bacteria can then travel from the floor of the mouth as an infection to cause issues around the heart, hence why it needs emergency attention. Other infections that require instant attention include those that cause so much pain that sleep is being interrupted, even when being combatted with medication from over the counter. In these cases, you should have scheduled an appointment with your dentist when you first noticed the pain, to nip it in the bud before it even became a nasty infection.

We realise that life is unpredictable and dental emergencies can happen at any time. Whether you are injured playing sport or break a tooth eating a meal, we are here to help. If you are in pain or have suffered an injury to your mouth, call the best dentists in Collingwood on 9042 6001 and our friendly reception staff will accommodate your needs.

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