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Dr. Frank Nikakhtar

General Dentist
Bachelor of Dental Science University of Western Australia
Work Days : Monday to Saturday


About Dr. Nikakhtar – Local Dentist in Stanley Street Dental

Dr. Nikakhtar has worked in a variety of different dental clinics and with a wide range of industry professionals. Dentistry and a wider holistic approach to overall health are not only two aspects of his professional career, but they also act as a foundation for his life and the choices and habits he practices. His experience in different clinics has also allowed him to accrue a diverse clientele over the years, ranging from all ages and with a multitude of dental and oral needs, that has only strengthened his wealth of professional knowledge and experience.

In 2013, Dr. Nikakhtar experienced a cancer scare. The silver lining, however, was the way he adopted a holistic and minimally invasive approach to all of his patients moving forward. His attention to detail, his overall outlook, and inclinations of really listening to his patients while wanting to genuinely improve both their oral and general health, have brought him to the pinnacle of Australian Dentistry.

Dr. Nikakhtar grew up in the city of Perth and it was there that he graduated from the University of Western Australia. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, travelling, playing basketball, and trying his hand as an amateur chef.

What makes Stanley Street Dental stand out?

Dentistry has always come with a certain stigma. A clear, regularly-fuelled fear of what it feels like to actually be in the dreaded dentist’s chair. Understandably, such a prospect can be quite daunting, so that’s why, at Stanley Street Dental, we do everything in our power to not only accommodate your needs with an informative professionalism, but also strive to create a peaceful and welcoming environment from the moment you arrive.

During every stage of your experience at Stanley Street Dental, in fact, we will be right there, ensuring you are comfortable, pain-free, and ultimately one hundred percent satisfied.

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