At Your Next Dental Checkup & Clean, Ask About Sedation Dentistry

Dentist Injecting Anaesthesia

Dental sedation is a growing supplementary treatment option for many dental services. Dentists that do sedation understand that bad experiences, anxiety and other factors can make it difficult for you to stay on top of your oral health with regular check ups and cleans. Dental sedation, also known as twilight sedation or sleep dentistry, can make you feel more comfortable and at ease. But what else do you need to know about sedation dentistry?

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Put simply, sedation dentistry is when you have a dental treatment or procedure while under a general anaesthetic or after taking a form of sedative. For the former, it’s like going to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling like no time has passed and with no memory of the procedure. For the latter, you will feel calm and relaxed, while still being aware of your surroundings. You may even feel so at ease that you fall asleep. With both options, your dentist can complete any work that needs doing while you feel safe and comfortable. For example, some people like to be sedated for general dental work, like checkups and cleans, while others prefer it only for longer procedures like root canals.

What Do Dentists Use for Sedation?

Depending upon their training and expertise, as well as your sedation requirements, your dentist may use a number of sedation techniques. This can include nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and other oral sedative medications right through to an IV to administer a general anaesthetic. Generally, you are likely to experience mild to no side effects, beyond potentially feeling a little groggy as the sedation wears off. Your dentist can help you determine which is the best option for you and your needs.

Do All Dentists Offer Sedation?

If you’ve just started thinking “Can I ask my dentist for sedation?”, it’s a fair question to have. Typically, a dentist will need to undergo extra training and have additional equipment to give a range of sedation options. Therefore, not all dentists may offer it. Additionally, if you require a heavier level of sedation, like an anaesthetic, your dentist may not be able to provide it.

Why Sedation Dentistry Could Be Perfect for You

Relax in a Safe Environment

Whether you only feel a little anxious about visiting the dentist or it makes you quite nervous, sedation dentistry can help you feel calm for every visit. This can be a great way to build more positive associations with visiting your dentist to feel naturally more relaxed about your next appointment, as well as ensure you’re doing everything you can to take care of your teeth.

Fit Multiple Treatments in a Single Appointment

From having busy days to feeling uncomfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair for long periods of time, sedation dentistry can make it easier for you to get a number of dental procedures in one appointment. Not only will time fly for you, you will also be more relaxed, making it easier for your dentist to get the work done quickly and properly.

Be a Positive Role Model

If you have children, they will learn a lot about the world and how to act in different situations by what you do. As a result, if you talk calmly about enjoying your time at the dentist — even when using sedation — they are more likely to also feel relaxed when they go for their appointments. This can be a great way to help them foster good oral healthcare habits early.

The Importance of Pairing Sedation Dentistry With the Right Environment

Sedation at the dentist can be an excellent way to feel more comfortable about your next visit. However, there are other things your dentist can do to make you feel at ease, along with sedation. This includes taking a gentle dental and holistic approach.

For instance, your dentist will listen closely to your concerns and needs, making sure you feel listened to. Similarly, they may ask questions about other aspects of your overall health to identify any factors that may also be contributing to your oral health. Finally, they will have carefully structured their practice and its processes to help you feel calm. This can include how the practice is furnished and presented, playing soothing music, walking you through what will happen at your appointment, and answering any questions you may have.

Feel Cool, Calm & Confident at Your Next Visit to Your Collingwood Dentist

As a holistic dentist in Collingwood, we take a gentle dental approach with all our patients. We want you to feel safe and comfortable when you’re in our care. This includes our dentists investigating treatment options, like anaesthesia and sedation, along with other strategies. Give us a call today to learn more and schedule your next appointment.

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