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Checkup and Clean Stanley St Dental - 1-min

Dental Checkup And Clean

We like to be thorough.

We understand that your mouth is important to you, so we make sure that we don’t miss a thing. A checkup typically involves:

Oral Hygiene examination:Examining the health of your tongue, cheeks, the inside of your lips and the roof and floor of your mouth for abnormalities, growths, discolorations or swellings

Charting of your teeth:
Checking decay, cracks, wear and erosion

Periodontal (gum) probing:
Probing of your gingival tissues in order to assess inflammation, recession or infection that may be present.

Stanley Street Dental uses the latest X-Ray imaging technology to diagnose any problems under or between your teeth that may not be seen during the visual exam. This can include a panoramic radiograph to check wisdom teeth or periodontal issues.

In some circumstances photos of your teeth may be taken in order to keep a record of wear and tear, cracks or discolouration over time

Typically a scale and clean procedure involves:

Removes the calculus/tartar deposits, biofilm, and plaque from above and below the gum line

Prophy polish:
A tooth polishing process to remove any residual plaque and coffee or cigarette stains from your teeth

Professional fluoride application:
Sometimes a fluoride treatment is suggested in order to help re-harden the teeth and reduce the likelihood of further decay or damage to your teeth.

Preventative advice:
You’ve had your teeth cleaned and now we want to keep them that way. We provide instruction and professional advice about what you can do to maintain your fresh smile.

At Stanley Street Dental we recommend a checkup and clean every 6 months as per the Australian Dental Association guidelines. Preventative dentistry is key to avoiding expensive and invasive procedures down the line, so we strongly advise maintaining the 6 monthly schedule. Should you require any further dental work, our dentists will discuss with you the treatment options best suited to your needs. This includes an outline of the costs involved so there are no nasty surprises.

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