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If you are missing multiple teeth, the Stanley Street denture clinic may be for you. Dentures are prosthetic teeth that are removable by you and may replace all or some of your teeth. They are a cost effective way of bringing back your smile and returning function to your mouth. At Stanley Street Dental, our dentists will fit you with a custom made denture to ensure maximum comfort during wear.

What different types of dentures are there?

Dentures are often split into two main categories, complete dentures and partial dentures:

Complete dentures – These replace all of your upper or lower teeth

Partial dentures – These replace just a singular or small number of teeth

How are dentures fitted?

Complete dentures are fitted either if all of your top of bottom teeth are being removed, or if you are replacing an old denture. If you are having your teeth taken out, the denture will usually be fitted immediately after to ensure that you are not left without teeth. This denture is designed to fit perfectly over both your gums and your jawbone. This denture may need realigning later on, as your gums and bone can change shape after having teeth removed. Sometimes, gums must be left to heal for a period of time, which can be up to several months, before a denture can be fitted. Partial dentures usually clip onto some of your existing teeth using metal clips. These can then be unclipped and removed easily when needed. Partial dentures are usually made from plastic, nylon, or metal plating, with the false teeth attached on top.

How can you look after your dentures?

While they are not real teeth and they are removable, you still have to look after your dentures. At first, you will likely be asked to wear your dentures all the time, even while you sleep. They may feel a little strange and uncomfortable to start with. Ask your dentists or dental professional when you can start removing them before bed. Removing them can allow your gums to have some rest during sleep. However, upon removing dentures, they should always be kept moist in water or an overnight cleaning solution to prevent them from drying out and morphing. You should also regularly clean and remove plaque from your dentures, as well as brushing your remaining natural teeth, gums, and tongue.

If you would like to find out more about dentures in Melbourne, or are looking into denture repair, book an appointment with the team at Stanley Street Dental today.

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