Dental Crowns in Collingwood

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Dental Crowns in Collingwood


Dental crowns are porcelain jackets that cover existing teeth. Crowns take the shape of your natural tooth and can be virtually undetectable from surrounding teeth. Dental crowns are used in instances where a tooth is cracked, decayed, broken down, discoloured or root canal treated. They are also used following dental implant surgery and can be used cosmetically to improve the shape and colour of your teeth where veneers would not suffice.

Dental crowns are typically inserted over two appointments two weeks apart. On your first visit, the affected tooth is prepared and an acrylic temporary is inserted. Our laboratories begin to prepare your crown following this appointment, a process that takes 1-2 weeks. Crowns can be made of ceramic, gold or zirconium. At your second appointment, the crown is inserted and your treatment is complete.

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